Boarding Life

May 22nd, 2015


This is the very last term of my time at Rishworth and I have enjoyed every single moment of my life as a boarding student. This is because, although there have been some ups and downs in the last two years, I feel compelled to say we are always learning and evolving from the experiences that we had. This is one of the greatest parts that I have treasured about being a boarding student at Rishworth.  We have friends from all over the world and we take part in a whole range of different activities from paintballing to the cinema and more recently shopping at the Trafford Centre. There are still many exciting activities to look forward to in the final few weeks of term, including a boarders’ barbecue with inflatable activities such as a gladiator joust and bouncy castle and the end of term house supper which all the students are very excited about, not to mention the last full boarding trip to Alton Towers theme park.


There are always vibrant and exciting things going around in our boarding community. From my personal experience as a boarder, it is really pleasing to see new students coming in who get along so well with established boarders and then start to build up very good relationships. Often this involves playing different sports, going out together and studying in a lovely environment where, if you are not sure about something, you are able to get support from either friends or the members of staff. The opportunities given by the school have helped our boarding community to become a lively community, filled with team spirit and a place where students can develop a lifelong friendship with the amiable and lovely people from their fantastic boarding school.


I believe all these things give a great impression of how our boarding students are able tomake the school proud. We try to make our boarding community to become better each year. Recently our boarding community provided a warm welcome to the visitors we hosted  from St Bees School. 


I will sincerely miss all of my international friends who I now class as my family, and especially the staff in the boarding community – they have been there for me in times of trouble, times of sadness and, of course, times of great happiness. Rishworth School will always be my home and I feel very honoured to have been part of the special community that exists within it.


All in all, there is only one sentence to describe humbly the boarding life at Rishworth,  "so far so good" and I mean it ! 

Alistair San


Duke of Edinburgh Fundraising

February 13th, 2015



A small group of students is carrying out weekly fundraising activities for three months to fulfil both the skills and fundraising components of the D of E award.


All the students worked incredibly hard to bake cakes for a sale, and over the next few weeks they will make badges, sweetie bags and a variety of cakes, with the proceeds going to the Marie Curie Cancer Care.


In April this same group of students will join me to do a five-hour 'Spinathon'. Yes, we really are going to spin for this great cause - we may not be able to walk the day after, but we will worry about that later! Additionally, this week we have also launched a competition to design a T-shirt for the ‘Spinathon’. The prize will  include, the winning  pupil will get the T-shirt that they have designed, an opportunity to spin with us on the day if they wish and a gift voucher from the Headmaster.


I hope you will support us to smash our target of £1000.


Mrs Aujla




Year 10 River Field Trip

June 12th, 2014

Every year I delegate the task of writing about the River Ryburn field trip to Rishworth’ s very own David Walliams, Mr Ogden.  Not only does he deliver the most entertaining and amusing assemblies but he writes hilariously! So having said all that, I have set myself up really haven't I?

Choosing the right day for any field trip is like the National Lottery! All I could do was pray for a calm, sunny and dry day.  Was that really too much to ask for?  I'm afraid so as it was overcast, drizzling and despite wearing two layers I could still feel the cold.

On arrival at school I was pleasantly surprised at the majority of pupils’ sensible attire.  We had no flip-flops, open toe boots or Bermuda shorts.  This year’s GCSE pupils were proper Geographers, all equipped sensibly and ready to go.  OK, we did have one in Hollister hipster shorts.....  The wording in the letter sent home stated ‘much of the work will be outdoors, so a waterproof jacket and warm clothing will be required’ – but there’s always one every year!

On arrival at Site 1, the Oxygrains tributary, which is 300metres high and part of the Rishworth Moors, pupils were all warned about it being colder here than at any of the other two sites.  This year the river water levels were very high, so after a quick demonstration, pupils dispersed and set about collecting their fieldwork data.   As part of this task pupils had to design their own methods of data collection and I take my hat off to Elliot Ashcroft who arrived with his very own rock gauge. Never in my twenty years of teaching had I come across this, and there we all stood, Mr Ogden, Mrs Stamp and me in awe, because this was originality at its finest.

Students quickly collected their data, took a few ‘Selfies’, popped them on Instagram with a status of '#Wicked rivers trip ', and off we whizzed to Site 2, Heathfield.  This of course amused many of our ex-Healthfield pupils as they laughed at their old pictures of when they were all chubby and cute... So the day was going so smoothly when disaster struck (according to the pupils); we were five sandwiches short!  Many thought they were going to be left to starve to death, but the disaster was averted as Mrs Stamp quickly came to the rescue with extra food supplies from school.... So in reality Abigail you didn't starve!

The boys in particular as always love the rivers trip.  For them it is one big excuse to jump about in the water and not only soak themselves, but their friends too.  Our girls .... well they were too busy trying to keep themselves dry and look after their Hunters and Jimmy Choo wellington boots.

Again the pupils were very quick and efficient, collected their data and reminisced about the Dingle, as they passed through there, and off to Site 3, Kebroyd.

As predicted the weather was significantly milder here due to the drop in altitude, and river levels were also much lower.  Pupils quickly collected their data and were amused no end when  they were told there were leeches in the water.  The mission then became to try and find a leech, which to my knowledge didn't happen.  New Instagram status " #Deffo no leeches,".

All in all the pupils behaviour was superb, and all worked with diligence.  As you are reading this you are probably thinking, it all sounds too good to be true, but in fact it really was one of the best trips we have run this year.

I hoped I have lived up to the entertainment celebrity status of Mr Ogden.  If not you’ll be writing the next one, Mr O.

When Stan Met Vinnie

April 7th, 2014


Lewis ’Stan’ Fairley



Who with

Vinnie Jones


Hotel in Leeds City Centre





Stan met Hollywood movie star and former footballer Vinnie Jones in his hotel in Leeds City centre, and put questions to him about his life and career. The questions and answers are summarized below:

1.      Stan : What is your favourite type of music? I most like Eminem and Nickleback.

Vinnie : I like Reggae, R&B, and fifties music. I play football in L.A. with Bob Marley’s son Ziggy.

2.      S : Apart from acting, football and shooting, what else do you like to do?

V : I like fishing and golf. I play a lot of golf at the moment because the weather is very good in Hollywood.

3.       S: Did you like school, and did you behave?

V : ‘laughs’. If I am being honest, I did not like school too much, except when I was playing football…..

4.       S: How many cars have you got, and what are they?

V: I have two Range rovers, a Mercedes sport and a 1988 Rolls Royce that reminds me of the FA Cup final we won at Wimbledon.

5.      S: Is Hollywood hardman actor Jason Statham harder and tougher than you are?

V: ‘laughs’. He’s a bit small to go up against me! But, we are good mates so I don’t think we will have a fight anytime.

6.      S: Would you have rather have stayed a Hod carrier on a building site, or become famous?

V: I liked not being recognized all the time when I was on a building site, but if you want to be a footballer, actor or musician then being recognized is part of the job.

7.      S: Is it better being a footballer or Hollywood movie star?

V: I love both, but football was my first love.

8.      S: Can I see your Leeds tattoo please?

V : ‘Laughs’. Of course. ‘rolls his trouser leg up to show Stan the tattoo’ Photo supplied.

9.      S: If I wanted to be a footballer, what advice would you give me?

V : Don’t listen to your dad too much! Don’t take it too seriously until you are 13 or 14, and play to enjoy it.

10.  S: Do you have your own swimming pool in your mansion?

V: Yes, of course! But, my next door neighbour, Quentin Tarrantino has got two!

11.  S: Do you prefer Messi or Ronaldo?

V: I think I would have to say Ronaldo, as I think he is more exciting.

12.  S: Last question Mr Jones. Do you prefer Wimbledon, or MK Dons?

V : MK who? (Vinnie pretends he has never herd of them) I am a Wimbledon man through and through.

Lewis thanked Vinnie and Vinnie said how he enjoyed it and how good the question were that Stan put to him.

see photos of Vinnie and Stan on our fcebook page 

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